Welcome to the Cloodleverse!

Cloodle-Z is a collection of unique digital collectible doodled clones. Cloodles are made up with various DNAs, outfits, accessories, colors, eyes, back pieces, top pieces and backgrounds. They live on the Ethereum blockchain and each one is a unique Non-fungible token (NFT).


More than 150 traits need to be algorithmically put together to assemble your Cloodle, resulting in various rarities among the Cloodleverse.


There are many Cloodles out there, but this one is yours. Every Cloodle is unique, each one's trait combination can only exist once throughout the collection. Thus some are naturally rarer than others, but all equally special.

Art and Team

Cloodle-Z is inspired but not affiliated with other popular projects in the space. We are a small team of just three people that thought it'd be hella cool to combine specific aspects of different projects we loved into one singular collection, and we hope you will too. We're very active in our discord, so be sure to stop by if you'd like to chat with us!

The Pioneers

The Pioneers, otherwise known as origin Cloodles, will be a limited number of handcrafted, 1/1 Cloodles that made the Cloodleverse possible. Nobody knows how they came to be.

Legends say they willingly extracted their genetic material, mutated it and cloned it using their vaguely documented Capsule-Z tech, thus giving life to the Cloodles.

Click on the Capsules to reveal some of them.

the shiny one

Cloodle of taste

the whisperer


Cozy community building

Our first and most important goal is to create and facilitate a chill,  fun place for all Cloodlers to enjoy! We picked a unique, niche derivative category that we really liked to bring people together and enjoy the good vibes.

Presale for Whitelisted Cloodlers

Our Launch begins with a presale for all Whitelisted Cloodlers. Everyone will be briefed at 48 hours prior to ensure sufficient time to fit the launch in their busy schedule.

20% - Giveaway of  5 Cloodles to Cloodle holders

At 20% of the supply minted, we'll airdrop random Cloodles to 5 lucky Cloodle holders.

40% - 10 Cloodles Giveaway to the top 10 Discord chatters that hold a Cloodle (excluding team)

What makes every project possible is the community behind it. We never forget that. That's why the very top beacons of our community are guaranteed a free Cloodle!

70% - 20 Cloodles Giveaway + 0.1 ETH each to 20 lucky Cloodle holders

Moooaaarr free Cloodles! We want to give back to our most dedicated supporters, the more Cloodles you hold the more likely it is to win!

100% - SOLD OUT!

The lucky minters of the 5 1/1 Pioneer Cloodles will receive 1 eth each! We begin work on Episode 2 and start exploring gaming options on the Sandbox Metaverse exclusive to Cloodle holders!


What are Cloodles?

Cloodles is a private collection of unique digital collectible doodled clones.
They are made up with various DNAs, outfits, accessories, colors, eyes, back pieces, top pieces and backgrounds and they are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.
No Cloodle is identical to another one, and there might or might not be some 1/1s waiting to be minted.

What do I get?

You'll get an ERC-721 token on your wallet corresponding to your specific unique Cloodle'd token ID that contains the image of your Cloodle and all of its juicy traits to flex on no-Cloodlers. You own the full title, all rights and interests without restriction.

Where can I see my NFTs?

After you've minted, simply visit your Opensea profile with the account you minted to view your NFTs.

Why Cloodles?

I mean, why not? But seriously, we figured it'd be kinda funny and interesting to create this project.
We can't wait to work with you all and expand the Cloodles ecosystem together.

How do I participate?

New to NFTs? No worries, here is a short guide on how to grab your Cloodle.

  1. First you'll need to download and install Metamask on your browser or mobile. The Metamask extension allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts.
  2. Next, you got to top this bad boy up with Ethereum to be able to transact. You can do so either through Metamask itself, or you can purchase ETH from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase, and transfer it to your Metamask wallet.
  3. Finally, at the day of mint you'll have to click connect on the minting page to connect your Metamask wallet. You can the proceed to choose the number of Cloodles you wish to purchase, click "Mint" and Metamask will prompt you to sign your transaction.
  4. Once your transaction confirms, you're a verified Cloodler and you'll be able to see your Cloodle in your wallet and on Opensea.